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Why call it Và Fa Napoli Pizza?  The phrase literally means, “go to Naples”, but for years has been used as a derogatory term, because Naples was considered dirty and dangerous.  You may have heard Joey from the TV show Friends or Tony Soprano in the Sopranos say it sort of like “Go to h***” but we want to turn that idea around. Naples is a beautiful city, the land of love, the beautiful bay of Napoli, music, culture, art, the Mt. Vesuvius volcano, and the birthplace of pizza and you will taste that in every bite!



In 1889, Raffaele Esposito created the Pizza Margherita for Queen Margherita of Savoy, the wife of King Umberto in Italy. The beautiful colors of the pizza, red, white and green, mirrored the Italian flag and became the inspiration for many variations of pizza available today.

In 1969, Pasquale Truppi left his hometown of Airola, to create a life for his growing family in the U.S. Growing up in the family tomato business, Pasquale always knew the value of fresh ingredients as did his wife Civita, who always made everything from “scratch.” Leaving his wife, four young children, friends and family in Italy was not an easy decision. Upon his arrival in New York, he found a job as a factory worker and later worked in a pizzeria in Raritan, NJ, where he finally settled. In 1971, the family was reunited once again and New Jersey became their new home. 

Pasquale’s son, Carlo Mariano Truppi, was born in Naples, Italy, into a family with many traditions, including a love of family and GREAT FOOD! At a young age, Carlo and his siblings began cooking dinners while his parents worked long hours to give their children the “American Dream,” just like many other Italian immigrants who came before them. Civita made wonderful homemade pizza in their kitchen oven, reminiscent of what she grew up with in her beautiful hometown city of Naples. Carlo loved learning how to make many Italian dishes from his parents, Civita and Pasquale, and beloved grandfather Natale. Natale Poccia (aka Nonno) would visit from Italy and eventually took his daughter and young children on vacation in Italy where they saw the authentic Neapolitan ovens so common in restaurants in Naples. 

In 1992, Carlo married his wife Faith who had roots in Naples as well. Carlo often made pizza for his growing family in their home kitchen for his three children, Giuliana, Silvana and Giancarlo Natale (named after his great grandfather), with the hopes of passing on this beloved culinary tradition. Carlo dreamed of having his own brick oven in the backyard, and in 2020, he received a gas-fired pizza oven that could reach 900 degrees. It quickly became the highlight of the outdoor kitchen he built with his son Giancarlo. With a worldwide pandemic in full swing, Carlo perfected his recipe for authentic Neapolitan pizza with the finest 00 flour he could find. Soon after that, Giancarlo, who had worked in local pizzerias, began asking his father to teach him how to make the pizza and other Neapolitan dishes he enjoyed eating during his childhood. Friends and neighbors remarked that Carlo and Giancarlo’s food was so wonderful that they should open their own pizzeria. While starting his freshman year of college, Giancarlo began dreaming of owning his own business, and father and son began working on their business plan. When Faith found the perfect Neapolitan oven, things started moving fast and Và Fa Napoli Pizza was born!

One thing the Truppi family knows is how to treat every guest like family and they hope to make you part of their family too!!! 


Family Picture
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